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We are one of the most established WordPress development agencies in London with over seventeen years experience in developing WordPress websites. We can either build your website from scratch or integrate a WordPress content management system seamlessly within your existing site.

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Why choose a WordPress CMS

WordPress is both a free blogging tool, and a Content Management System. It is one of the most popular platforms for creating and managing content on a website. Because of its simple functionality and interface even a novice can take control of their website’s content with very little training.

Drag & Drop

We integrate Drag & Drop into all WordPress development sites we build, allowing you to customise pages without writing any code.


Easily turn your WordPress development website into an ecommerce store with the WooCommerce extension.. Click to learn more!

Mobile Ready

WordPress recognises if you’re viewing a site through a mobile device and configures how the content is viewed.


Your website will be kept up to date regularly with latest versions of WordPress, plugins and any security patches.

Design Integration

Whether you’re integrating a WordPress blog into an existing web site design or building a web site from scratch, it is easy for us to integrate WordPress and not disturb the look & feel of your site.


You will be able to self-manage all aspects of your web design from an administrative console allowing you to create and edit pages anywhere where there is an internet connection.

Search-Engine Visibility

Features in WordPress allow you to update your website design on a daily basis and search engines love fresh content.

Social Media Integration

As a London WordPress agency we love using WordPress as part of a social media strategy because it effortlessly integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does WordPress work?

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that allows anyone to easily maintain a website. WordPress is used by millions of content creators and businesses across the world.

You don’t necessarily need coding experience to use WordPress. By simply typing in your text and adding images, WordPress will automatically generate HTML to display your webpages. However, there are endless advanced features on WordPress, and this is where Reactive can assist you in unlocking your website’s full potential.

How does WordPress differ from traditional web development?

Traditional web development means that the developer does everything – from writing the front-end code to creating and connecting APIs and databases. This is a very exhaustive and time-consuming process, which is not ideal for a lot of businesses looking to get a site up and running quickly, or sites that need updating frequently.

WordPress eliminates a lot of this work by automatically generating a website skeleton, which will allow you to easily bolt on different functionality with the use of WordPress Plugins. WordPress also provides an interface allowing you to easily access and update all of the website’s pages, widgets, media and more. This means means once your unique web design has been implemented with WordPress, you will be able to access and manage all of your website’s pages, blog posts, widgets, and much more without the need to edit any code!

What parts of my website can be managed in WordPress?

WordPress provides a database which can store all of your website’s pages, images, widgets and more. You don’t need to worry about creating or maintaining database entries – WordPress automatically does all of this for you.

Using this database, WordPress can create and link together your website’s pages. Images can be uploaded, deleted and edited. WordPress ‘themes’ can be installed to alter your website’s visual appearance. By implementing custom themes, Reactive can develop a website that fits your design specifications to a tee.

How can WordPress help maintain a brand identity?

WordPress stores and maintains your pages, imagery and text automatically. This means that your brand’s logos, language and overall aesthetics can be managed for you.

Your brand identity can be kept consistent and maintained by WordPress without you having to lift a finger. If you want to update your brand identity on WordPress, then Reactive can help. We use a WordPress theme editor to create a brand tailored to your specific needs.

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