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Established in 1992, Heywood provides bespoke investment services, property and asset management to organisations and individuals.

Heywood provide services to organisations and individuals who value property sector knowledge, attention to detail and a premium level of customer service.

Heywood & Partners web design

Heywood & Partners web design

We designed the website to incorporate full screen imagery and dark gradients in order to give a premium look & feel. Subtle animation combined with a dynamic user interface ensures that the website is engaging. The colour palette of black and gold also adds to the perception of quality experienced by users.

Heywood & Partners ipad version

The revised brand identity has been carefully considered. The grouping of smaller and larger squares symbolises investment growth and also reflects practices used in the building industry.

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“With so many web design and build companies in London it is great when you find one you can trust. Reactive graphics don’t only get on with the job, they advise, check, react quickly and at the same time make the work easy.”
Heywood & Partners ipad version
Heywood & Partners Iphone version

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