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Concinnitas, a luxury interior design company, exclusively caters to high-end clientele. The majority of their work involves private luxury homes, which are viewable only through a secure section.

With a steadfast dedication to creating exquisite living spaces, Concinnitas effortlessly blends timeless elegance and contemporary innovation.

Concinnitas web design

Concinnitas, from the Latin concinnus, means “The skilful joining of several elements – simplifying the beauty of design”. The micro-site is designed to focus on minimalism and sophistication, mirroring the essence of the Concinnitas brand.

Throughout the micro-site, the emphasis was on simplicity and the harmonisation of design elements, consistent with the principles of Concinnitas. The branding complements the site’s aesthetics, providing a cohesive identity that resonates well with the company’s vision to be a prominent figure in London’s luxury interior design industry.

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