B-Line grew out of StudioBG, aiming to create a more intense and dynamic practice servicing their hotel clients. Innovation, passion and experience are the key tenets, driving B-Line to provide clear, well-planned resolutions to often complex hotel project briefs. We wanted to translate this into their visual language, and created an aspiring

brand identity


B-Line Architecture - Brand Identity
B-Line brand identity
business card design for architects
magazine design branding

B-Line have been working with hotel owners, developers and operators for many years and have an intrinsic knowledge of the value drivers across the spectrum of hotel projects. The company is a commercially grounded practice and have a reputation for working on time and on budget. Although London-based, B-Line’s clients are international. The list of clients bears testament to B-Line’s ability to work cross-culturally, partnering with local consultant teams to deliver successful projects anywhere in the world. Their process is a collaborative one – seeing themselves as partner to the clients.

We at Reactive wanted to bring these qualities across in a timeless visual language, communicating sophistication, experience and reliability.

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At Reactive we make sure that your company is never overlooked. To achieve this we are experts at building the right image for your business to ensure potential customers choose you over your competitors. A strong brand identity will help you make the right emotional connection with your clients.


Company values

Values are the set of guiding principles that drive your company forwards.

Brand personality

Your brand personality shapes the way people feel about your product or service.


What’s your competitive edge? What helps you stand out as a business?

Tone of voice

We help you work out how your brand identity communicates with your clients.


We start by asking some difficult questions that help us and you decide who you are as a business…and who your clients are such as

  • What is your mission statement?
  • What are your company values
  • What is your brand personality (are you a fun, quirky consumer brand or are you more conservative, or a mixture of the two.)
  • How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  • What is your tone of voice (are you discreet or shouty, approachable or aloof?)

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