Blakeney Management is one of the pioneers of institutional investment in Africa and the Middle East. Since 1995, Blakeney has been investing in both regions

on behalf of some of the most sophisticated endowments, foundations, pension funds and family offices in the world.

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Blakeney is tech savvy and sophisticated and their new website reflects this. We made sure to keep the presentation minimal, with clean vector infographics used where necessary. As the website should primarily be used as a tool for referral, the design should instil confidence in users – our minimalist approach means that the user is not overloaded with information, and every piece of information stands out more as a result.

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Blakeney web design ipad version
Blakeney web design ipad version
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Reactive deliver digital experiences. Our creative intelligence combined with technical expertise keeps business moving online.

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Company values

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Brand personality

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Unique selling point

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  • How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  • What is your tone of voice (are you discreet or shouty, approachable or aloof?)

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