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DTRE is a market-leading property advisory business. Their expertise extends to providing value to funds, investors, developers, property companies, and occupiers in the UK and Europe.

DTRE have one of the largest industrial investment teams and are a market leader in leasing buildings UK-wide.

DTRE Databook web design

DTRE databook design

In partnership with DTRE, we undertook the development of a dedicated website the DTRE Databook. Our collaboration resulted in creating a specialised platform tailored to showcasing some of the vast reservoir of DTRE’s knowledge and their substantial research. The DTRE Databook is dedicated to offering insights into the UK’s industrial and logistics markets.

DTRE Databook ipad

The databook is divided into three distinct sections – London, Midlands, and North West – through interactive charts and tabular data it offers a comprehensive exploration of the industrial and logistic landscape. Navigating through the site, visitors will discover a wealth of data, insights, and trends that have been methodically curated to provide a deep understanding of these pivotal markets. The website is designed to showcase emphasis on data orientation, ensuring that investors, stakeholders, and industry professionals can readily and accurately access the information essential to their needs.

What we did

  • Google Charts Integration

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