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Good Web Design Principles For A Finance Company

By 31st August 2022February 16th, 2023No Comments

Your finance company needs a strong online presence in order to attract new users and build trust between you and your customer base. As more and more finance companies look to boost their online appeal, not investing in a strong web design and quality online branding could see your business fall behind against competitors.

Your web design will be the centrepiece of your online brand. It is extremely important to understand what a finance company needs for their financial web design to be successful. Below we have listed our key principles when developing a website for a finance company.

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Easy To Digest Web Design

Financial companies often have a wealth of important information that needs to be presented to potential customers. This includes information about the business itself, the services they provide, legal documents and more.

A key principle for strong finance web design is presenting information in a visually appealing, easy-to-digest manner. If you do not consider how you present information then this can easily deter customers. For example, if a potential customer is immediately greeted by large paragraphs of information, this will make them feel overwhelmed and less likely to stay on the website.

Important information should be presented in a manner that does not over-saturate the page. For example, presenting a couple of text paragraphs next to an image, graphic or video will keep the user interested in the page and make them more likely to click onto other pages.

Another great way to convey information is to use graphics and animation to showcase important facts and figures. For example, your company may have a long extensive history, which could be presented to the customer as an interactive timeline. This prevents the need for a text-heavy approach and increases the visual appeal of your site.

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Sleek Minimalism

A good business web design must visually convey your ethos and values. This is a crucial factor in building a good reputation with customers. A finance company will usually want to convey a message of security, as customers will want their money to be in safe hands. They will also want to look professional and trustworthy, which is very important in building a strong reputation with prospective clients.

We find that taking a minimalistic approach tends to work extremely effectively when designing a website for a finance company. This includes usage of a subtle colour scheme, clean imagery (instead of complicated animated graphics) and modern, sans-serif typography.

A great example of minimalistic financial web design is the one-page website we developed for Axxa Capital. The use of whitespace makes the website text look clean and easy to read. Usage of subtle graphics and background colour changes keeps users engaged and more likely to scroll through the page. It looks sleek, professional, and most importantly, trustworthy. If you would like a similar-looking website or a new, more modern brand, Reactive are happy to help.

Simple, Logical Navigation

If your website needs a lot of information, you’ll likely need a lot of pages. Navigating a large number of pages can be confusing for users, as they will have a large amount of menu links, buttons and calls to action to navigate through.

A well-designed finance website will implement a simple but effective menu hierarchy to ensure users do not get lost on the website. It should also not overwhelm the user with a large amount of items to scroll through. For example, if you have a large library of projects or news articles, users should be given a filtering feature allowing them to reach their desired information quicker.

Show Your Statistics

As mentioned earlier, making overly heavy use of text in a web design can be detrimental when trying to keep customers interested. A great way to convey key information in a visually-striking manner is to make use of your business’ statistics.

Suppose you have a large financial company with 20+ offices worldwide, hundreds of successful deals completed and billions of dollars in your care. This is concise but effective statistical information that would be very useful to present to customers! A benefit of using statistics is that they can be presented in a variety of different ways. For example, our Kreos Capital web design animates in their key statistics in front of breath-taking fullscreen imagery. Statistics can also be used alongside text paragraphs to give more visual appeal when users are reading through important information.

Mobile-friendly Design

The majority of worldwide online traffic comes from mobile devices. Your financial business can no longer have a website that only functions optimally for computer screens – a sub-optimal mobile layout will lose you a huge portion of potential clients browsing the web on mobile.

Each of our financial websites always ensure that your content flows just as well on mobile as it does on desktop. This includes:

  • Images scaling correctly and optimised for mobile browsing (i.e. a low filesize to make sure they load quickly on mobile devices).
  • Text scales down to fit mobile screens and doesn’t become illegible and/or roll off-screen.
  • Webpage elements need to lineup in a cohesive manner – for example, your contact form should not appear before your company’s key information.

Search Engine Optimisation

Everyone wants their website to rank highly on Google. After all, the higher the rank, the more likely customers are to see your business and view your website. This in turn can lead to more conversions and attention from new prospective clients!

Each of our web development projects are developed using proven SEO standards. This includes:

  • Making sure content is relevant and includes SEO keywords for your finance company in a smooth, user-friendly manner.
  • Having important keywords appear in headings and other important text sections.
  • Ensuring a consistent spread of search keywords across the whole website.
  • Site meta-data (meta titles, descriptions etc) must not be too long or too short. Your meta description should contain your desired keywords or key phrases.
  • Making sure each and every page is readable and relevant to the business.

These factors can hopefully guide you in the right direction for your company’s web design. However, there are many more issues not covered here that need to be considered. If you would like professional assistance for a smoother, less stressful web design process, Reactive Graphics are here to help. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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