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Website Design: Bespoke is best

By 28th August 2017September 19th, 2019One Comment

For any business owner, being present online can no longer simply be an after thought. We are in the digital age and we are – whether we like it or not – becoming more and more reliant on the internet and the services it provides us.

Need a tradesmen? Do a quick Google search. Need a new outfit? Have a look at the myriad of online stores. Want to reserve a table at your favourite restaurant? Then you can book online. Anything is possible with internet access and a good WiFi connection.

These services are floating around on the world wide web and are all available, right at your finger tips! The web is a glorious compendium of all the worlds information and services, but who makes this all possible? A global network of digital savvy developers and coders who are helping to make our everyday lives that little bit simpler. So why not get THEM involved (ie US!) to help you make a bespoke website, that works for you and for all of those eager keyboard warriors out there, who might just need your services!

Image: Neven Krcmarkek - Unsplash

What is bespoke design and why is it better?

Definition: Bespoke (adjective)

  1. ‘written or adapted for a specific user or purpose.’
  2.  ‘made to the customer’s specifications’
  3.  ‘custom or custom-made’

So essentially, bespoke website design is a specifically tailored service that considers YOUR needs AND the needs of your clients, within the design process. It’s not a service that assumes, or misinterprets your company values, but a relationship between designer, client and developer that helps create a platform which directly supports and drives your business. If you still need convincing…

The TOP 5 reasons to go bespoke:


So you are starting a new business?! Congratulations! You have tirelessly put in hour after hour of hard work to establish a company that you are proud of. Now it’s crunch time. Your business is ready to launch and with only a few final things to put in place before that ‘Open for Business’ sign can be flipped on the door. For some people, one of ‘finishing touches’ just happens to be to develop a web presence for their business. Not only to market their company but to act as a port of call for out-of –hours business enquiries.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Who in their right mind would leave such an important task to the very last stage in their business development? Well, the number is surprisingly high. Which is why so many people opt for the cookie cutter, run of the mill, one size fits all website that will for the most part ‘do just fine’ as an accompaniment to present their business. But, being unique and standing out from the crowd can only be a good thing, in what is more than likely a highly saturated online world of multiple choice!



A lot of the off the rack, website-making-websites are often run either by open source code developers, which mean that the templates created may not always be totally up to date, or developers who create hundreds of templates per year and do not necessarily update them over time. This can mean that not only will your code be out of date, but updates such as security, bug fixes etc, may also be less than adequate as time goes on.

You may surf a catalogue of website designs and find that the only template that suits you, is one that was developed years ago. This might mean that it is aesthetically what you are looking for, however it doesn’t reach the recommended standard of functionality, responsivity etc which can mean that you are in fact starting on the back foot.

Working with a website developer who can recognise your needs here and now, will be extremely beneficial when they begin to develop the coding for your website. Not only will the dev work with you to write a code that serves your needs both aesthetically and functionally but they will also ensure that the site conforms to recommended standards for security, digital publishing and other potentially irritating elements of website owning that you could do without!


Many template sites, come with in built functionalities that you a. might not necessarily need, b. might not know how to use, and c. might not know are there! This means you can end up having a website that looks good, but has a few displaced bits and bobs which are completely useless. This can include fairly fiddly lines of code that are sat deep within the backend of the site, that can cause your content to be splayed here there any everywhere without you even knowing. This could be anything from blog content, to personal details and logos. This is another reason why bespoke website development trumps template design, as it allows you more control over your online presence, how it looks and where it features. Bespoke also means that all of your output, such as marketing newsletters, social media posts etc, can all have the exact same design features, helping you to build a stronger brand!



There are many elements of business which business owners generally like to conform to, this might be things like developing a faithful customer base, or having a successful yearly profit and keeping staff engaged and happy in their work. But, as businesses and the way they work, differ so dramatically from company to company, it is essential that parts of their make-up are 100% exclusive to them, allowing them to thrive in their particular market.

But, having an exclusive design for your website is one thing and future-proofing it, is a completely different ball game. (But one that can be played very well, if thought about in advanced.) If this website is something that you are not going to want to update regularly you might want to consider a site that requires minimal fuss. This might limit some of your fancy function options as new or innovative web graphics might need security checks or upgrade once in a while, but it is good to discuss this with you dev in the early stages. Perhaps it would be a good idea to get yourself onto a plan with a developer who can promise twice annually upgrades of your site, to keep the content and functionalities fresh!


When you hear the term responsive, you might first think about a website that is flexible and works seamlessly across all platforms and devices BUT these points might not necessarily be your only concern. Building a bespoke site helps you make responsive mean, what ever you want it to mean. If you want your website to look and behave differently across different devices then bespoke website design allows this. If you want your site to have specific features for specific customers, then bespoke website design allows this! What ever your requirements (within the realms of possibilities of website development of course) bespoke design allows this!

The brilliant thing about getting a developer to write a bespoke website for you, is that you can have as much control over how the content looks and feels, as you like.

If you would like more information regarding our bespoke website design service, or if you would like us to streamline a template that you really love, please give us a shout. We are happy to help, in whatever way suits you. Click here to contact us.



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