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Brands Making the Most of Halloween

By 21st October 2019February 21st, 2023No Comments

Aiming to make the most out of your web design Halloween style? Then look no further than the London-based brands that have made it into our top list this month. From a stunning, stripped-back and seasonal approach to graphic and web design to the unveiling of exciting web design Halloween-inspired social media campaigns – we reveal that tailoring web design for the holiday season doesn’t have to be spooky-business. Our previous blog post on Soho Brand Identity may also spark your imagination in all things web and logo design.


lush soap

If you are seeking out a new way to create an immersive UX for users on your website, LUSH is a great example of a brand which takes pride in grouping products of a similar colour, type and style into pages that feel thematic and coherent. The classic positioning of their black header and navigation drop-down menus serve as a familiar UI for users; a familiar backdrop sandwiching the lively and eye-catching seasonal feature elements within it.

LUSH UK deliver a web design Halloween style that we felt fitting to include into our list as the characteristically vibrant and bold web design lends itself superbly with the Halloween season. Tailoring their web design to accommodate the wide variety of seasonal products on offer is no easy feat, especially given the sheer volume of products in their online store. LUSH UK have a captivating colour palette on their home-page with electric pink and deep purple tones layered behind its white, emboldened typeface – something about the visual experience of the site leaves an almost sweet taste in your mouth – the soap isn’t edible though, friends.


Crosstown Doughnuts

Proud to be ‘a young, independent brand, driven by progressive and innovative thinking’, Crosstown Doughnuts places on our list of brands celebrating the October holidays in their Halloween web design. Introducing new flavour combinations and collaborations with various brands and food and drink establishments, Crosstown’s ability to stamp it’s X mark around London is an impressive achievement. From regular city-goers, notably the vegan consumer market to large-scale office spaces, Crosstown is becoming a household name, which calls for a web design to be attractive, professional and maintaining the quirky charm of their products. We really like the almost gothic nature of their Halloween web design, featuring a flexible monochrome design and yet also using large imagery to present a selection of mouth-watering seasonal doughnuts. With a website which is regularly featuring new products, we were impressed by both their minimal web design layout and their recent Halloween-inspired social media content they’re putting out this month already.

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cross-town-doughnuts-web design halloween

M&M World

Located at the very heart of Leicester Square, is the bright and colourful M&M World. With a Halloween web design which is heavily focused on presenting large visual imagery to advertise new products, we think that they have created something fun, innovative and exciting with their web design during the Halloween period. With vibrant colours being at the centre of the M&M brand, the Halloween season enables this chocolate company to make the most out of the ghoulish green and vibrant orange autumnal aesthetic in their online content. One unique aspect of the M&M brand is its ability to constantly shift its web design layout with the ever-changing products or colour patterns that they are promoting throughout the year.

Famously, their use of marketing surrounding the colours red, white and blue have allowed them to tailor products to accommodate tourists visiting the UK and with the additional use of black and orange – Halloween is something m&m world has down to a tee. Or I guess you could say an ‘m’ in this case..With large visual images dominating their home page, the brand is able to promote a simple product, which allows for a great deal or personalisation for their chocolate-loving clients.

m&m-world halloween web design

Starbucks UK


Is it really October until you’ve seen the first pumpkin-spice-latte post appear on your social media feed? There are few brands out there that have adopted the same level of enthusiasm in celebrating the holiday season as Starbucks UK. Adding their new ‘Phantom frappuccino’ onto their beverage list, the coffee company has been able to take their emerald green brand identity logo and accommodate those who enjoy the American holiday, which is becoming more familiar to us as flat-white British enthusiasts.

Their web design is exciting and dramatic. Distancing themselves from the typical pumpkin-filled, orange and maple leaf aesthetic which they share on their social media pages, Starbucks has been able to establish a more haunting, Halloween-inspired product which stands out amongst other coffee chains.

But like many brands, sticking with what you know is able to attract users and clients who support and are attracted to the familiar nature of the brand. Facing certain criticisms in the past that the brand was thinking less about coffee, and more about the seasonal and contemporary flavoursome creations they could make – they proudly promote their social media in a way that hails the pumpkin spice latte many coffee connoisseurs and experts in the industry tend to find disinteresting. Starbucks UK gave us the inspiration to think about how to excite and attract users via a creative and surprising web design, whilst also thinking about how social media can be used to promote a sense of familiarity and using the holiday season as an additional method of establishing brand identity.


What are your thoughts on the Halloween web designs? Leave a comment below!

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