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Logistics Web Design – Refresh Your Logistics Website in 2022

By 8th April 2022August 4th, 2022No Comments
Logistics Web Design

For logistics companies, your web design is crucial for attracting new businesses to your brand. A good logistics web design must ensure a number of criteria are met, including:

  • A clear, commanding website message
  • An abundance of high-quality content that covers everything about your business, down to the fine details
  • Frequent updates to clients, through either a blog or similar social media feeds
  • Regular calls-to-action to guide potential buyers through your site information.
  • A simplistic yet visually appealing design that potential customers can easily navigate and understand.

If you are looking for a fresh, modern web design for your logistics business then Reactive Graphics can help.

We are highly experienced in the field of B2B websites and have completed several web design projects for logistics companies. Our eye for detail coupled with our attentiveness to client requirements ensures a smooth design process from start to finish.

You can read more about our logistics web design services in the case studies below. These detail our completed projects for M9 Logistics, Tower Cold Chain and Axis Logistics, three large-scale logistics firms.

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M9 Logistics


M9 Logistics provide a wide range of freight-forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance and IT solutions. They help to simplify interactions with customers and suppliers worldwide.

With over 30 offices and affiliate companies, M9 required a website that could present a lot of business information in a clear, navigable format. They required information-dense pages for all of their providable services, in addition to details for the many industries they operate in (airspace, oil & gas and pharma to name a few).

Webpages were required for each of their offices, as well as a blog functionality to keep their clients and stakeholders in touch with company activities. They also required a website that better suited their current branding.

Our design provides the user with a clear, linear homepage navigation. Users can access M9’s services and blogs, read testimonials and browse worldwide locations. There are also ever-present links for important calls to action (Request a Quote, Become a Member and Contact Us). We also developed a contact form on the homepage so that clients can easily find a way to get in touch, which helps drive conversions.

From an aesthetic perspective, we took time to consider M9’s current branding and how this would be showcased throughout the new site. We developed a simple but effective homepage video, showcasing their worldwide coverage. We utilised clear, crisp imagery to help break up text and add bursts of colour to sleek, minimalistic backgrounds. The site colour scheme was made consistent with M9’s current branding.

Tower Cold Chain

Tower Cold Chain

Tower Cold Chain rents containers to the pharmaceutical industry that are used to transport products requiring temperature control. They are a global company, with offices spanning across Europe, Asia, Africa, the USA and more. Along with details of their offices, their new website needed to list over a dozen different shipping containers for clients to compare and choose from.

A key requirement of their website was a page which allowed in-depth comparison of any two products. This would enable prospective clients to assess any product of their choosing in detail, which would then increase the likelihood of them requesting a quote.

Our design for Tower Cold Chain would have to display an abundance of information without overwhelming new visitors. To accomplish this we adopted a minimalistic approach, with a clear white background overset by black and blue text. This helps bring Tower’s product imagery to the forefront of each page. We also used full-screen imagery on many of the webpages to complement the flow of text throughout the website.

When going through each product, users can download PDF documents of important product information. They can also request a quote and subscribe to mailing lists at the click of a button. We went above and beyond a standard logistics web design and custom-coded a ‘Payload Calculator’ page. The calculator can tell potential clients how many shipping containers they will need to transport their product. It takes into account product length, width, height and weight.

“With so many design and build companies in London it is great when you find one you can trust. Reactive Graphics don’t only get on with the job, they advise, check react quickly and at the same time make the work easy. I’d highly recommend them to any business looking to work with a company who will take care of them throughout the entire project and provide a top quality job.” – Cliff Findlay, on behalf of Tower Cold Chain.

Have a look at our case study for Tower Cold Chain here.

Axis Logistics


Axis Logistics is the in-house logistics division of the Prax Group of companies. They are a British multinational independent oil refining, storage, distribution and sales conglomerate. Specifically, they deal in crude oil, petroleum products and bio-fuels, and are headquartered in London.

Axis wanted us to develop a simple but visually engaging website which could provide potential clients with a rich insight into their company history and values. They also required a blog to showcase company activities, and a map to show their extensive network of offices.

We took a minimalistic approach to our logistics web design. The homepage uses a full-screen video accompanied by text to showcase the range of services provided by Axis. For the colour scheme, we used green accents on a white background to reflect the company’s consciousness towards the environment and society as a whole. The company’s ethics and values were presented in a clear, concise manner through the use of dynamic columns. We produced a world map which featured interactive labels for all of Axis’ offices. All company details, including office locations, email and social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) were made available at the click of a button.


If you would like a sleek, modern logistics web design then Reactive Graphics are ready at your service. By working with us, we will make sure you are getting exactly what you desire and provide proven-quality solutions to all your web design needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss your new project.

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