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Google announces Alphabet as parent company – What does it mean?

By 13th August 2015November 28th, 2016No Comments

There has been wide-spread speculation about what the Google announcement of its new parent company Alphabet, actually means. As a company whose business is 95% web based we are always interested to gauge how we and our clients could potentially be affected by these changes.

Whilst Google will still exist as we know it – with Google Maps, Chrome, Android, Youtube and plenty of other innovative brands as subsections of Google – all of these companies, including Google itself, will now be part of the umbrella company, Alphabet.

Apparently at present, Alphabet is the overall holding company, meaning that it will not deal with any consumer products whatsoever and according to Larry Page former CEO of Google, (now CEO of Alphabet) this shift will allow Google and all of the sub-brands to further flourish in their own sectors and potentially invest more time into ‘areas that might seem very speculative or even strange when compared to our current businesses.’ This means that Alphabet can take the lead in overseeing the development of major long term innovations and research projects such as Life Sciences (Google X) and Calico.

As it stands, it is probable that the Digital Marketing sector and therefore SEO ranking terms will not see any repercussions from the announcement and according to Search Engine Land ‘the new organization will have little or no impact whatsoever on search marketers or search marketing.’ Or not yet anyway.

For now, it seems the last major influence Google had on web marketing and web rankings was the 21st April release of the Mobile Friendliness SEO ranking algorithm.

However with newly appointed and highly innovative Google CEO Sundar Pichai, running this apparently ‘slightly slimmed down version of Google’ it probably won’t be long until we see further improvements in SEO and shifts in the resources available for the progression of more intuitive web design and web development.

google announce alphabet as parent company


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