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Free illustrations

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Are you looking for free design illustrations for your next web design project? In this post, we’ve listed some websites where you can access free illustrations available to download. These are some of the best free animated illustrations for UI/web designers and graphic designers to help them design incredible websites, apps or presentations.

Communication has already evolved in favour of the visual with the majority of people preferring images, gifs, and memes in order to communicate online. This big shift that came alongside the social media era promoted the concept of visual communication as faster, easier to digest, and way more efficient. This is why it’s always great to have a big library of resources to make your work easier when it comes to making data visualisation, marketing purposes, or presentations for your team or clients. These collections of free illustrations are a great way to add character and personality to your designs. Most of the free illustration websites also offer paid illustrations to download, most of which are not available on stock illustration websites.


Pixeltrue has a variety of illustrations which are animated. There are some premium illustrations, but they have a section dedicated to free animated illustrations. You can download it as JSON format or .GIF.


Source: Pixeltrue


Rocketstock is an animated font website. Its very rare to find nice animated fonts for free. This font called Ribbon and it is afree animated typeface for editors. All you have to do is drag and drop the letters you need into your project. If you want to customise the colour, size, or saturation of each letter, simply apply colour correction in your video editing application.

ribbon free typeface

Source: Rocketstock


Icons8 is a great resource for amazing icons that fit a wide range of styles and needs. You can get here animated icons in form of JSON, .GIF and After Effect format. Most of this icons are free illustrations.


Source: Icon8


Drawkit is perfect for designers and business owners looking to create new projects with limited design skills. They have lot of cool collections of free illustrations and icons. On this website you can download 10 free vector illustrations for your website, UI or app design.


Source: DrawKit


This website offers high-quality Lottie animations for busy startup owners, designers & developers. Drawer Lottie animations and illustrations come with Ae source file and in multiple file formats – Ai, Xd, Sketch, Figma, SVG, EPS & PNG.

Source: Drawer

Lordicon free illustrations

Lordicon is a powerful library of carefully crafted animated icons and free illustrations, ready to use in digital products, presentations, or videos! You get access 1,494 free animated icons. Lordicon also has a customising editor, where you can for example change colour of the icon, size of the stroke, padding etc. You can download free illustrations as JSON and .GIF.


Source: Lordicon

We’ve introduced you to some of the best websites where you can find fantastic illustrations for your next project. Illustration can turn an average website into something really unique, it’s a powerful and creative medium which can identify and communicate the brand message and transmit ideas universally, through the use of just one image.

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