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Reactive Graphics consists of a passionate team of creatives who take a real interest all things art, design & media. Keeping an eye on how companies adapt to the latest technology and consumer trends. It’s a fascinating industry that continues to develop in a number of exciting ways, but this rate of change brings with it a constant need for media & art companies to keep their online presence at the highest possible level.

We love working with art & media industry specialists as it’s a chance to stretch our design skills and create something that will stand out and engage a passionate audience. Few agencies understand the challenges of the media & Arts industries quite like Reactive, so contact us today to discuss your media & art web design needs.

Rashid Al Khalifa web design

Rashid Al Khalifa is an internationally renowned artist based in Bahrain. Rashid exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2018 and he has exhibitions planned for Istanbul & Berlin this year. Through an unexpected choice of medium- polished steel or matte aluminium- Rashid’s work stands transcendent; a tribute to traditional design and architecture.

website layout in ipad and mobile

The web site is minimal and contemporary designed to compliment Rashid’s work. We communicated with Bahrain to commission videos of his installations which we think are essential to enabling the web site user to appreciate the scale and three dimensional qualities of Rashid’s work. Reactive Graphics have been commissioned to manage Rashid’s social media campaigns in future.

Fine art web design

RAK Art Foundation Website Design

The website design has a minimal and contemporary feel. The idea was to create a neutral space where artworks from the RAK Foundation’s diverse collection can be displayed to their best effect. A strong use of typography combined with some elegant scrolling techniques give an air of sophistication to the website design without detracting visual attention from the artworks themselves. The website design performs well on all screen sizes. We look forward to developing the website further once the gallery fully opens to the public.

web design art collection tablet and phone

The RAK foundation exists within a converted traditional Bahraini House, the home where Rashid Al Khalifa was raised. The collection features a range of paintings to designs, from European academism to Middle Eastern Contemporary. Careful consideration is given to the placement of each piece and it’s positioning amidst the surrounding architecture.

rak foundation web design landscape ipad

Wishful Thinking web development

Wishful Thinking required us to construct a web site from designs provided to promote their musicals and screen writing. The web site design is bold and colourful and performs seamlessly on desktop, tablet & mobile. We developed the web site to showcase the portfolio of stories, music and lyrics for a number of original musicals that Wishful Thinking are working on.

Wishful Thinking Web Development iPad
wishful thinking iphone


Biznography assists companies around the world to build positive brand perceptions and explore their customers’ needs. Biznography has provided consumer insights to the UK high street chain, Fatface and the well-known insurance company, Hastings Direct.


Biznography needed a website that would serve as a reference tool for clients a well as consumers, with a design that responds on mobile devices and makes efficient use of its clean and professional colour palette.

This relatively small website opens with a brief description of the services available, followed by a rotating slider that describes previous accomplishments alongside a number of unique illustrations.

media web design reactive graphics
media web design reactive graphics


As a successful PR agency based in Central London, Hot Cherry has assisted famous brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney and Spotify to pursue audiences across the globe.


Hot Cherry required a bespoke design that would integrate with WordPress due to the pressing need for fresh content on a regular basis. The website primarily functions as a series of case studies, where large clients can view success stories of completed projects and the social reach they gained.

Hot Cherry is a small website that succeeds by keeping things simple yet memorable. This is achieved through its bright colour scheme and recognisable imagery, ensuring each case study is inviting and can be read on a single page. The site also includes statistics, video functionality and social media icons.

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